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Coco Gauff’s Former Coach Provides Clarity On Their Unexpected Split



Coco Gauff’s former coach, Pere Riba, briefly commented on their split to Spanish publication MARCA, admitting he decided to initiate the split.

Pere Riba joined Gauff ahead of Wimbledon and looked to have a really positive impact on the American. With the inclusion of veteran voice Brad Gilbert, the American had an amazing month of tennis in the United States, playing some spectacular tennis to win several trophies, including the US Open.

Everything looked really great because not only was she playing well, but she was also enjoying working with the team she built. Riba and Gilbert got along well; they shared the same vision for Gauff, and it seemed to be working.

Fast forward to now, WTA Finals week, and Riba is not Mexico. Rumors quickly started to spread, and the news came down. During the broadcast, the Tennis Channel announcers broke the news that Riba and Gauff weren’t working together anymore.

After the match, Gauff herself confirmed that they did split and that it was Riba’s decision and not hers. Well, the Spaniard has now shared why it happened, as MARCA was able to reach him asking for a comment.

He simply said that it was due to personal reasons, which is unfortunate because it looked like a partnership he could have kept for a while. Gauff was happy with him, Gilbert had no objections and she was finally playing up to her potential.

He himself was happy with the way things went, but unfortunately, life happened so he had to step away from the job.

Due to personal family issues. I am very happy with the work we have done together, because all the objectives were met, and I am convinced that next year Gauff will be No. 1.

For now, Gauff is sticking with Gilbert, but we’ll see whether she brings in somebody who can travel with her often.

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