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Olympia Ohanian Criticizes Her Dad Alexis Ohanian’s Work In an Adorable New Video: ‘Baby Girl Has Notes’



Olympia Ohanian Criticizes Her Dad Alexis Ohanian’s Work

Another weekend, another stunning breakfast art video from Alexis Ohanian. Except this time, his daughter Olympia, 6, who he shares with wife Serena Williams, had some “notes” on how her dad could improve — and we can’t stop laughing at the cute video.

For those who don’t know, the Reddit co-founder makes cool pancake designs for his daughter most weekends that make breakfast super fun. In yesterday’s video, he used a squirt bottle and different colored pancake batter to draw Olympia playing a guitar. The little girl sits down with the guitar in her lap, and she even has red and blue beads in her black hair. It’s detailed and cute, and we were super impressed (it’s a pancake, people!). Olympia, on the other hand, must have higher standards because she gave her dad some helpful critiques.

“Happy Papa Pancake Sunday to all who celebrate,” Ohanian captioned his post. He continued, “I made @olympiaohanian playing guitar and baby girl has NOTES for me now 😆 growing up fast.” Ohanian also shared a video of Olympia’s hilarious feedback, and it’s so cute.

In the video, Olympia thanks her dad for the pancake, and he asks her what she thinks.

“Hmm,” she responds, as she’s looking it over. “That could be red,” she says, pointing at the guitar. “And this, these stripes, are not lined up,” she adds, pointing to the guitar strings.

“I know, those were hard to do really skinny,” he tries to explain. “I tried my best though.” Ohanian then asks his daughter, “Not good enough?”

She savagely responds, “I don’t want to eat it.” *gasp!* The audacity! Nobody knows how to push your buttons quite like kids.

“Oh, Olympia!” he responds, sounding surprised. “I don’t believe that for a second. Bon appétit.” He knows his daughter is just playing for the camera, and she’s going to happily eat it. (At least, she better!)

Later, he also shows a pancake he made with Olympia’s name, complete with a heart to dot the “i.” This man has serious talent and tons of love for his baby girl.

Even if Olympia wasn’t the biggest fan of this week’s pancake art, fans came through with tons of support. One person wrote, “Forget founding Reddit. This is talent.”

“These are so freaking good!!! I don’t have the time! Kids get 3 pancakes, 1 color, sometimes they’re round and sometimes they’re not!!😂😂😂😂” another person relatably commented.

“Her criticism 😂. You did an amazing job! ❤️,” someone else wrote. Another said, “Not the notes 😂.”

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