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Travis Kelce’s Stylist Reacts to Theories That Taylor Swift’s Fans Have About His Clothing Choices



Travis Kelce‘s stylist is speaking out about those Taylor Swift theories around what he wears.

The 34-year-old NFL star has made a couple of fashion choices that fans of his 33-year-old girlfriend have speculated are in reference to her and her music.

Now, his stylist Danielle Salzedo is setting the record straight on those theories.

“I love the narrative being drawn to his looks,” she told Us Weekly.

In reaction to his brown velvet pants he wore in early October and the speculation they were in reference to Taylor‘s Midnights videos…

“They are playful, polished and cozy, which Travis always does so well,” Danielle said. “I don’t have the answer to the [curtain theory]. However, when people authentically connect, they start to have those serendipitous coincidences.”

While speaking about Travis and his style, the stylist shared that he “definitely styles himself,” and she helps him curate pieces based off of what he likes – and he even buys his own clothes, instead of relying on brands to send him pieces.

“I know what he likes, and I find him options with brands we know are his vibe — while also looking for new ones yet to be discovered,” Danielle said.

“He dedicates time to buying online, so he knows what’s out there and what’s new,” she told the site. “He spends a significant amount of time on different retail and designer sites looking for new pieces and shopping. He’s bought pieces before we can even contact the brand to secure the items.”

Just a few weeks ago, Travis himself opened up about his style and the fashion choices he makes.

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